Signature Collection Presets

My biggest goal when editing is to make sure the images will last the test of time. Avoiding trends, prioritizing clean and simple skin tone, and creating a cohesive look session after session, wedding after wedding. It’s taken years of tinkering to finally be happy with my look and I’m stoked to actually have a really solid starting point every time I sit down to edit.

In my Signature Wedding Presets collection there is a preset for every scenario. If you're looking for a nice clean fresh undated look these are for you. 

The best thing to do with all presets is
 1. click the preset
2. check the white balance ( I always make the image warmer)
3. exposure
You should then be good to go. If you need me to place a preset on any of your images just send me the RAW files ( MAX 2 to ... loudenphotography@hotmail.com )and I would be more than happy.

Here is my Instagram all of my pictures have used these exact presets! 


Have fun !