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wedding photoshoot

The Louden Photography Lightroom Preset Collection

MY PRESETS ARE POWERFUL, EASY TO USE, Tested and perfected on thousands of photos to ensure consistent, filmic edits. Bring your photos to life in just a click!

Clean Film Inspired Presets For Rich, Bright & Colourful Images


I LOVE this new set of presets! The
colours are so beautiful and the skin
tones are really good. Definitely a must-
have for any wedding photographer. 

These are the best presets EVER! one click away editing, minor tweaking,
colours are so rich and beautiful, but most of all these presets blend so well & Give my images such a clean look!

I have purchased hundreds of pounds on presets the last few years... None have ever really been any good and seemed to be too heavy on my images. I never leave reviews on products unless it truly is mind blowing. With this set of presets the tones, colours are JUST perfect.


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