These are my signature collection presets that I use everyday, what I use to start editing all of my images. This collection contains 6 colour and 2 black and white presets. It’s taken years of tinkering to finally be happy with my look and I’m stoked to actually have a really solid starting point every time I sit down to edit. Using these presets I can now edit a full wedding of 400+ images in 4 hours

CP WEDDING 6 will work on nearly every image to give just a subtle pop.

If you are looking for a nice clean and fresh look then look no further, There is also a couple in there that have a beautiful fresh rustic feel.

There is no point in having hundreds of presets as you will spend your time looking through them thats why I personally only use 8.

To get better results you should take a look at these 3 parameters and change them to your needs in Lightroom!


  • Temperature & Tint 


  • Exposure 


  • Vignetting 

You will get 8 Lightroom Presets, each a bit different in style.

Make sure to shoot in RAW!

NO refunds due to the nature of the product.

Craftsman Wedding Presets