About Us


Color toning can be overwhelming. I get it - I’ve been there! I want to make color toning easy for you.

I’ve always been obsessed with toning images & love the process of finding new color combinations.

Not only do my Lightroom Presets help with time (something we all need more of!), they also open your eyes to exciting color combinations & elevate your photography style. What’s more - these beautiful toning options are ready to use with just one click!

Designed with fashion photographers, wedding photographers & portrait photographers in mind. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting our or a professional in your field - these sets will help emulate a specific look & give you that fashion/editorial look you’ve been searching for!

Included is 3 colour presets & 1 B&W preset.


*** Please EMAIL me on loudenphotography@hotmail.com to purchase presets. ***

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